Pauline Keaney

When painting, Pauline works mainly in oil on canvas, although acrylics and watercolour have also featured heavily in her work. She also uses a variety of other media, often on the same canvas - these can include oil pastel, charcoal, pure pigment and rabbit skin glue.

Often, when working with series paintings, Pauline wraps the image around the stretcher bar so that when viewed from an angle the surface appears to be continuous. This lends a three dimensional quality and can be seen to particularly good effect on the dokos triptych in the rocks etc.... gallery and the smaller canvasses of fruit and three olive groves.

As well as painting, Pauline has a strong background in printmaking. Of course there are no facilities on Hydra, so in the winter Pauline travels to the UK and the US to pursue this other aspect of her work. In 2001 she took up the prestigious post of Artist in Residence at the Museum of Fine Art School in Boston. This was an extremely productive period in her printmaking career, some of the results of which can be seen in the printmaking gallery.

Pauline produces prints using three different techniques. The traditional etching on copper, lithography and a third technique which she personally developed specifically for working with larger images. This last method entails painting the image in glue on to a large, thin sheet of high density composite. Graded carborandum dust is then sprinkled on to the glue to create a surface which holds the ink. The whole sheet is then treated like an etch in reverse. This technique was used to create the Boston Apples series.

If you would like any more information about the techniques Pauline uses or would like to view her work in her studio, please contact her.


New Abstract Paintings - Work in Progress

Trees - Work in Progress

Sun is King - Work in Progress

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